KCT Private Club
exclusive preview

KCT was first released by photographer Gianfranco Briceño in 2016 after the closure of Snaps Fanzine, an independent publication dedicated to candid nudes of Brazilian boys that ran for five years and quickly gathered a global fanbase. Inspired by the current night/techno/clubber scene of São Paulo, KCT – Private Club aims to document the desires of a new gay generation in São Paulo nowadays, their exhibitionism, sexual freedom, and intense tropical nightclubbing. 

I am an avid supporter of Brazilian photographers and artists who are creating original content and developing their own identity through independent publishing. I see many examples of independent magazines being published recently, but very few have a strong voice and and honest point of view. KCT has that and a real connection to a new generation of consumers, so make sure to pick up a copy and support the project. KCT volumes 1 and 2 can be purchased online here.