São Paulo, September 22
march against gay conversion therapy
photography by Pedro Pinho

Last week, Brazilian Federal judge Waldemar de Carvalho ruled that homosexuality could be considered a disease by overturning a 1999 resolution by the Federal Council of Psychology that forbade psychologists from offering conversion treatments to “cure” gay people. On Friday, September 22, thousands of people took it to the streets of São Paulo to protest the ruling. Photographer Pedro Pinho documented the demonstration for Made In Brazil.

The Federal Council of Psychology will appeal the injunction, but in the meantime I would just like to say that if you are a young homossexual, bisexual, or transgender kid, there is nothing wrong with you in the same manner that there is nothing wrong with me. Homosexuality is not a disease and doesn’t need to be cured, but if any of you ever feel like you need help or need to talk, please use the contact link at the top of the page or our instagram account to reach us. What this country should be concerned with right now is with an urgent cure to prejudice, corruption, and lack of empathy.